Even though DIY might seem like a cheaper option at first sight, there are numerous pitfalls that can result in a much more expensive project than simply consulting professionals to begin with.

The choice of whether to DIY or have the project undertaken by an expert ultimately depends on  how much time and money is available to experiment and make mistakes, but most importantly, what you are prepared to accept as a final result of your project. Professionally installed pools will not leak, will be easier to operate, have better plant growth, less sedimentation, no toxic cyanobacteria, will use less electricity, and most importantly of all, will have a lot less string algae; all of which results in pools requiring less maintenance whilst looking their best.

With that said, if what attracted you to the concept of NSPs is the creation of them itself, then please go ahead and enjoy what can be an exciting and satisfying experience. Just make sure you use the best quality components bought from reputable and experienced suppliers.