What is EPDM?

EPDM Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a synthetic rubber and is the liner best suited to NSPs and natural water features, being used almost exclusively worldwide as a high quality water containment system. Firestone PondGard EPDM has several advantages over other liners.

The Benefits Of EPDM

  • It is quick and easy to install.
  • It can be applied to almost any surface, and that surface does not need priming.
  • It can be bonded to vertical surfaces using a specified contact adhesive.
  • It does not need hot welding equipment, but is rather spliced together using a system of  cold, semi-vulcanized tapes.  Once the splice has cured, the material is fully bonded together and is as strong or stronger than the original liner.
  • It is extremely long lived. Liners of over 50 years old are still going strong and an ongoing laboratory trial has thus far simulated over 70 years under harsh UV with no measurable weakening.
  • When installed with a heavy biddum protective sheath, it is almost invulnerable to penetration.
  • Because it is a loose membrane and not painted or sprayed on, it provides consistent 1mm thick coverage, which does not deviate in thickness, no matter the texture of the material beneath it.
  • The structure beneath does not need to be particularly robust and can even crack and this will not affect the waterproofing beneath.
  • It is extremely long lived and hard wearing.
  • It is completely UV resistant.
  • It does not need maintenance.
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Note: Other brands of  EPDM or EPDM used for general waterproofing are not designed for Natural Pools as they contain high levels of fire retardant that can leach into the water.